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Thirty-six years after its original release, Two Faced Records is proud to announce the arrival of aidan nolan's 1974 collector's classic, Tales From The Sun on cd.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter aidan nolan has stood the test of time and his songs are perhaps stronger and more appealing today than ever... collectors and music lovers of all ages certainly seem to think so! Now, for the first time, Tales From The Sun has been digitally restored and re-mastered from the analogue master tapes and packaged with its original artwork.

'Tales From the Sun' is available on CD from all good music retailers and online from Two Faced Records.

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By the time aidan nolan was 4 years old he had lived in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide (Australia) and London (UK). Perhaps it was this relentless mobility in those years that created the need for one inner constancy in his life, music. Not the music of others, although there’s no doubt he is influenced as are all artists by those that go before, but for the ability to create a song. Even the APRA (Australia’s ASCAP) Journal has run an article outlining that aidan was a songwriter at age 5.

Perhaps it has been his continuing geographical and career mobility that keeps forging his songs. aidan has worked and travelled extensively in Europe and Australia. He has been a store-person, landscaper, postal carrier, driver, laborer, busker (street entertainer) and post-university (college) a school-teacher, rising to the lofty (if not culturally shock-inducing) position of Assistant Headmaster in exclusive Australian private schools. Finally, after walking out on that established career and some time in business, he built an international speaking consultancy with clients in the US, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. Over the years he has lived in small Australian country towns, the Australian state capitals of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide as well as a number of years in London.
Now a US citizen and resident of New York, aidan’s early music is experiencing a renaissance of interest that is un-paralleled for an indie artist and a very respectable surge of interest in his contemporary work. While he has a strong following of all ages, he is particularly of interest with those in their late-teens to mid-thirties, probably because the word is spreading primarily through social media.

Narrowing the focus to music it is interesting to note that one aidan nolan song is vividly different from the next. Just like his career background his music, and musical heritage is diverse. aidan has fronted bands doing Irish Traditional, folk, pop, indie, rock, country, blues, grunge, soul, R & B, reggae, ska, prog-rock and electronica. “There’s no genre of music I can listen to all the time, or sing, let alone write in. For me the song is first and last the only thing of real interest. There are great songs in every genre and these are what grab me. So, when I’m writing, I’m not thinking “Oh yeah, this sounds like a soul song, or country or whatever, I’m just thinking, does this suck?” If so, I stop writing it! I often get told by others what genre a song of mine best falls into. I didn’t know or care before they told me, after they told me, I just didn’t care.”

Fortunately, in enough cases, it appears the song doesn’t “suck” and that’s when aidan’s arranger and producer Steve Lightbody takes over. aidan had continued to write after walking away from completing a second album in the wake of international release and critical acclaim for his first release 'Tales From The Sun'. As he says, “The industry had made its first obvious turn away from art toward product. I didn’t want to be a product and I didn’t think I’d be a very good one anyway.” Steve Lightbody came across 'Tales From The Sun' in 2006. He spent a year tracking aidan down and persuaded him to not only re-release it (by now, unknown to aidan, it had reached cult status and collectors were paying big money for it) but also to record more contemporary material.

The result is stand-out tracks like 'Saint Rita’s Day', 'Witchy Man', 'Some Stuff' and 'The Innocent Look Of A Very Guilty Girl' being, in that order, reggae, groove, rock and R&B examples that contrast with the neo- classical / electronica ‘Walk Into The Water’ and epic anthem of 'Misadventurous Cowboys'. Nonetheless, strong continuity exists through aidan’s distinctive vocal style.

With the 2014 release of his album 'Witchy Man' there is finally a definitive collection of his music. Containing two previously unreleased tracks, ‘On Change’ and ‘For the Caitlin’ and featuring an extended mix of the chart-topping single ‘Saint Rita’s Day’ every track has been re-mixed and re-mastered from any previous incarnation. The album is further enhanced by exceptional art-work by Australian indie artist and songwriter Fronz Arp. The 12 page booklet is a feature of the production values and attention to detail that his label, Two Faced Records, has lavished upon this penultimate collection. Once again, demonstrating the faith they have in this reclusive artist.

An aidan nolan bio can be no more than an overview. To learn more, simply refer to his music.

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